Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Law

The line between sexual harassment and sexual abuse can be hard to distinguish. Our team at Wilshire Law Firm is equipped to assist with sexual harassment cases that we identify more accurately as sexual abuse cases. To help individuals distinguish the severity of the harassment they are experiencing, we offer free case consultations to anyone who is being sexually harassed. During this consultation, we can determine if there is a case that we can assist with.

How do I know if I have a sexual harassment case?

Sexual harassment can have multiple legal ramifications. While there are legal actions that can be taken for other reasons relating to sexual harassment, our firm exclusively helps the victims of sexual harassment who would like to pursue damages in a civil suit.

Types of Sexual Harassment List

  • Sexist commentaries
  • Sexual innuendoes, comments, and statements
  • Suggestive, obscene, or offensive sounds
  • Jokes about sex or gender
  • Pressure to have sex, sexual propositions, or invitations
  • Implied or explicit threats
  • Inappropriate touching, pinching, or brushing up against the body
  • Attempted or actual kissing
  • Insistent invites for drinks, dinner, dates
  • Sending lewd letters, cartoons, cards, or presents
  • Leering and obscene gestures
  • Assault and Rape

Eligible Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual Harassment includes any unwanted, sexually motivated activity, directed toward an individual.

When this harassment happens in a workplace, church, sports team, camp or other structured organization, often we can help. Organizations such as those mentioned previously, are expected to provide a safe environment for it’s employees and members. When the victim of sexual harassment has taken appropriate action(s) to report the inappropriate behavior, and the organization fails to act swiftly and appropriately, the organization can be held liable for fostering an environment that is unsafe. It is at this point that we consider sexual harassment to be sexual abuse. When we deem that your case is one of sexual abuse, we are prepared to take action.

Next Steps

If you believe that you have a case against an irresponsible organization that has turned a blind-eye to the abuse that is occurring within the purview of their care, contact the attorneys of Wilshire Law Firm. Our attorneys will provide you with a free case consultation. During this consultation, you can discuss the merits of your case, have your questions answered, learn about your rights and discover the options that are available to you. To schedule your free, confidential case consultation, contact Wilshire Law Firm today: 1.800.522.7274.